Benefits of a Hiking Holiday

Who minds waking up to a beautiful and serene view having alpine mountains? Villa Bergolo in the heart of northern Italy is a perfect holiday destination for every travel junkie. Besides its breathtaking views that soothes the eyes, it has a lot to offer to a traveller.

If you love walking and #hiking, then Villa Bergolo is the perfect place for you to wander around. Surrounded with scenic beauty of the hazelnut plantation, this place provides calming effect to the hearts of travellers.

Walking around offers a multitude of benefits and is always light on the pocket. The hilly region will allow you to explore its beauty through walking or hiking either on feet or on two wheels. You can spend half day or full day in this healthy activity and absorb the tranquil atmosphere. Here are some of the advantages of waking around the villa which will make you put Villa Bergolo on top of your travel list.

Walking makes you fit

The topmost benefit of a walking holiday is getting fit. Walking is essential for human body as it supports the physiological activities. Walking provides strength to cardiovascular muscles making heart more fit, makes bones strong, eliminates fat from the body, strengthen muscles and what not. If you are struggling with ailments and want to live a super fit life then do visit us for a walking holiday, you will see improved results in yourself.

Exploring areas

By taking a trip around the villa, you will get to see some spectacular places which is not possible while travelling through a car. There are places around the villa which you can explore through walking on your feet. We can vouch that you will love this experience.

A walk with nature

The villa is centred in the green mountainous valley and the breathtaking views around it will leave you awestruck. By #walking around it you can observe nature closely and take in the positive energies. Noticing the fine details of trees, fields, houses and surrounding natural beauty, is a whole different experience for a traveller which cannot be achieved through a car’s window.

Mental peace

We all are busy in our daily hustles that we are continuously struggling with mental peace. Take a break from your hustling life, pack your bag, and visit the beautiful Villa Bergolo. Walk around the villa, inhale positivity and exhale out all the negative energies. By wandering around, you will find your mind at peace. Taking a trip across the villa serves best against anxiety and depression. This place is where you find peace in your heart and mind.

Interacting with locals

While exploring this place, you will meet the local people who are full of hospitality. In this way you will get to see the culture and traditions of this place closely. It is an excellent opportunity for you to take a deep look at the culture of this place and to see how people are living their best lives here. You also learn a few different things in this manner. The local shops are also here to visit and learn a little more about the locals.

Low on budget

Walking is always inexpensive. You do not have to worry for money while exploring the beautiful Villa Bergolo on your feet. It only requires an enthusiastic self, keen to explore places simply on feet without spending extra money.

You now have the enough reasons to spend your walking holiday at Villa Bergolo. We are expecting to see you soon at this tranquil place where you will have the best time of your life with some hospitable people at your service.