Cycling Holiday in Piemonte
Cycling holidays in Piemonte is the home of Tour de Italia which is a very prominent road race that winds through some of the most challenging of terrains that Italy has to offer. It is also renowned for its Alpenne Mountains, which for the back bone that runs laterally through the land, which often lends itself well to mountain biking.However, as a cyclist, it is often hard to find a location to ride in a country you hardly know. It is even harder to find accommodation that will lend itself both cycling and a holiday. And, more importantly a holiday home that welcomes cycling enthusiast. After all, mountain biking can get a little dirty at the most of times. Found in Bergolo, about 70 km south east of Turin, Villa Bergolo is the ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. With rolling hills as the backdrop to your everyday holiday experience, you can venture into hilly terrains with mountain bike in tow.
Cycling holidays in Piemonte

Ben ready for his ride through the Piemonte hills of Bergolo

With a range of tracks that lend itself to all skill levels, mountain bikers will be spoiled for choice. What makes this area a cycling holiday destination is that most of these tracks are not ridden by your average mountain biker! Therefore tracks are in their rawest form, an undoubtedly a natural attraction for any mountain biker wishing to challenge their skill aptitude. Villa Bergolo is a restored piedmont stone farmhouse offering bed and breakfast. It has generous size en-suites with breathtaking views which you can enjoy on the balcony or by the pool side. Of course the latter is a perfect place to relax after a long day on the bike. Bergolo itself has a long aristocratic history. It was once the estate where some of Italy’s nobility, namely Count Clavi of Bergolo, resided. Part of this heritage included Princess Yolanda of Savoy, the sister to Umberto II (the last king of Italy) through marriage. Interestingly enough, Princess Yolanda spent most of her marriage year residing in Pinerolo which for many cyclist would recognize as the home for one of the best makes of bicycles.
Cycling holidays in Piemonte

Cycle Holiday

Villa Bergolo is not only the destination for cyclists. With magical sunsets and sunrises in a remote part of Italy, Villa Bergolo would be the perfect setting to any romantic holiday. The Medieval village Bergolo sits about 600 meters above sea level and is only 5 minutes away. This means that you can relish in romantic walks, enjoy pizza while drinking locally produced wine, listen to music that is played all summer long and take a romantic balloon ride over the exquisite baroque valley. With such a perfect setting you would want to make this your holiday destination every year.
Cycling holidays in Piemonte

One of our guest out on a push bike ride through some of the best hills in L’alta Langhe

Of course, if you are looking for a bed and breakfast holiday that offers you the chance to recharge the batteries while doing activities close to the heart then there is only one place to go. So, what are you waiting for?