Set your spirits free with a family vacation at Villa Bergolo
Guest blog post by Nicole Vulcan
Italy’s Langhe area is known for its delightful wines, its delicious cheeses and its famous white
truffles — but it’s also a place where you and your family can set your spirits free and enjoy a
tranquil, yet fun-filled vacation. When you stay at Villa Bergolo, in the mountain of Bergolo you’ll be deep in the heart of
the rolling hills of northern Italy’s Piedmont — a place with wide open spaces, tranquil villages
and plenty of family fun. That’s my idea of family paradise!
Naturally, you’ll want to start your vacation by setting your eyes on the suites at the small hotel,
Villa Bergolo, where you’ll get modern conveniences with an old world charm. As a former
farmhouse, the Villa Bergolo hotel offers beautiful views and plenty of outdoor space to relax
and roam free.
Once you’ve had a bit of relaxation, it’s time to explore! Here are some of the things you should
definitely do while you’re staying in the Alta Langhe:
Hiking the Alte Langhe Hills
Start with a simple walk among the vineyards of the area, or for the more adventurous, go hiking
in the beautiful forested areas of the Alte Langhe Hills, filled with hazelnut trees and more. If
you ask, the staff at the hotel will provide you a map of the various trails worth seeing.
Biking in the Alte Langhe Hills
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This is Nicole & Daughter whom traveled to stay at villa Bergolo to relax & have fun.

To see even more of the country, hop on a bicycle! Families of all ages will love seeing the
Piedmont region’s countryside roll by on a classic Italian bicycle.
Eat your way around the Piedmont region
Your Family Vacation will also be centered around the delicious foods the region has to offer. In the
nearby villages, you’ll be able to sample some of the kids’ favorite foods: pizza and ice cream.
(If my daughter was allowed to eat just two things, those would be it!)
In short, family fun abounds when you visit Italy’s Langhe area and stay at the Villa Bergolo
hotel. I can’t wait for my next trip