Safety Practices

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During these times, and always, guest safety is our number one priority.

We are actively monitoring and adhering to strict infection control practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are registered with the A.C.A. (Associazione Commercianti Albesi) and follow all applicable laws & guidelines related to sterilization & cleaning of our property. We also stay up to date on recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organization) and our local health department to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep you safe! 

What We’re Doing

Common Area Disinfection

All common areas shared between guests are cleaned multiple times per day. We disinfect the kitchen after each meal, the dining areas between every guest, and outdoor furniture after every use.

We have also implemented a high-touch surface area checklist, which is a rigorous cleaning process to disinfect all high-touch surfaces. This occurs a minimum of three times per day and includes (but is not limited to) disinfection of door nobs, counter top surfaces, appliances, light switches, remote controls, tables, cabinet handles, sinks, thermostats, and common area furniture.

Strict Cleaning Protocols

Our team at Villa Bergolo are dedicated to keeping our property clean and you safe!

We wear rubber gloves and disposable gowns when cleaning both common areas and guest rooms. And use disposable cleaning cloths and sponges for each room, to prevent cross-contamination.

We also use safety practices in the kitchen! All surfaces are disinfected with ACA approved products before and after each meal is prepared. All food is prepared wearing masks for extra protection.



Room Sanitation

Our guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned between guests to ensure your room is exceptionally clean upon arrival. 

We wash all towels & sheets at 60°C and add ACA recommended detergent to each wash. We also use ACA approved cleaning products on floors, restroom surfaces, counter tops, and bedroom furniture.

Each guest room is equip with hand soap pumps, hand sanitizer, and a bottle of all-purpose disinfectant cleaner with paper towels in case guests want to wipe down any personal belongings or surfaces during their stay.

Guest Safety

We request all guests to practice social distancing with other families who are staying at our property. We provide separate eating tables or separate meal times and have spaced out our living room furniture to encourage these practices.

In addition, our Villa Bergolo team practices social distancing and wears masks when interacting with guests whenever possible. 

We also encourage our guests (and require our team) to practice frequent hand washing. We provide antibacterial soap at each sink and hand sanitizer at various locations throughout our property. 

Helpful Tips from the World Health Organization

To Our Future Guests

We understand the seriousness of COVID-19. While businesses including Villa Bergolo cannot guarantee or control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are doing everything we can to reduce the risk. If you have any questions about our cleaning protocols or sanitation practices, please let us know.

For more information on what YOU can do to help keep your family safe and reduce the spread of illness, check out these free resources from the World Health Organization (WHO). 

We wish you health & safety during the time, and hope to see you soon!


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