Things to do in Piemonte

Baladin’s pub is somewhere to go whilst staying at Villa Bergolo, it is a collection of really great pubs, in the market town of Cortemilia, they serve good quality, fresh, honest food and drink in relaxed, welcoming surroundings. This pub is full of character and individuality; great place for local people, businesses, families and tourists to eat, drink and call their own.  Each pub is unique, individually designed to suit their town or village, and respecting each pub’s history. This is one of the things to do in Piemonte.

A comfy seating area for people to relax whilst enjoying the food and drinks at Baladins.

A famous Pub-bar that takes into consideration the local needs and environment. Offering great food and drinks.

This pub is lovely, but it’s the people that make them stand out. Each one is a well-loved “local” to its regulars (hosting a wealth of fun events and special occasions and supporting good causes), as well as offering a warm welcome to every new face.

Baladins pub is not a chain, it’s a group of like-minded enthusiasts. Maybe they will never be the biggest pub company; but they are out for perfection on a small scale, fueled by passion for good food and drink and a keen interest in sustainability.

Baladin has been in existence since 1986 and since their inception they have been producing and serving the best beer around the globe, they have many other Baladin Pubs outlets around some famous city like Turin, Rome, Milan, New York.

This is the interior of Baladin's Bar in cortemilia

A relaxed hippy like pub restaurant

For Teo Musso, beer is passion, an intense love for taste and certainly a form of expression. Through his recipes, he has communicated special moments in his life, sides of his being and his constant search for the perfect sensory balance. Isaac and Wayan tell of the birth of his children, while Nora tells a love story and memories of spices discovered in his journeys through Morocco. The more recent Nazionale expresses the commitment to working in direct contact with the Earth and the desire

“Because Beer is Earth!” Baladin has been saying this for years to explain that beer is the direct expression of the Earth and farming. To the Italians, it comes natural to think of wine in these terms, but is it much more unusual to make the same association when it comes to beer. For several years now, Baladin has been directly involved in the production of most of the ingredients used for its beers, and in January 2012 it officially became a farmer brewery.

These are some of Baladin philosophy which makes it unique and ideal for any visitor coming in to their pub to feel the great taste of locally made beer.

We think people make all the difference in these pubs and they work hard to make their team feel just as much at home as our guests. They have a great way of working with their teams, giving people a real share in what they do.

They are especially proud to have been given our guest our own locally made beer as well as foreign beer. Either you are with your family or by yourself on a visit to Piemonte or staying with us at Villa Bergolo and you need a nice place to relax and have good food and also a taste of locally made beer then Baladins pub/bar is a great place to visit.

Baladin has a great history of some historical beer which they have been producing since the start and some of these historical beers are attached to something significant and it reflects in its brand name for example:

NÖEL VANILLE is a Christmas ale. Dark, with a good head, it mesmerizes with its explosion of scents and aromas which evoke a festive atmosphere, full of cuddles and lazy times. Its chocolate notes mixed with the aromas of dried fruit and toffee are unforgettable. In this version, a strong but well-balanced taste of vanilla rounds up the experience. The vanilla pods – which give this beer its name – come from Madagascar and are processed directly by Baladin through a cold infusion process.

They welcome you to their pub with a smiling face and also  want you to feel at home even when you are away, they will serve you with the best food you ever tasted which will be accompany with a great choice of beer which will satisfy all your desires.

So if you are looking for something to do whilst staying at Villa Bergolo then pop into Baladins pub.

So this is one of the things to do in Piemonte….It’s a great place for you whenever you wish to take your family out for a nice treat of locally made food and great fine tasty beer. They will always look forward to giving you a warm welcome and an outstanding service every time you visit Baladin in Cortemilia, Piemonte, Langhe.