Traveling tips in Piemonte – Discover Beautiful Bergolo In Piemonte Italy

There are so many places to go on a vacation that for some people, it can be almost impossible to choose. Of course, a few people will visit the same place every year, but most will try somewhere new. The question is, where to go? Some travelers like busy holiday resorts with beer and beaches, while others like the quieter locations where tourists are few and hard to find. This latter group are those who enjoy mixing in with the local culture, and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere associated with it. One place that is both beautiful and serene is Bergolo, situated in Piemonte, Italy. So here are some Traveling tips?

Bergolo is a small municipality (comune) located within the Province of Cuneo. Turin is the capital city of the region, and is located just 43 miles to the southeast. Cuneo is also only a short drive away at 31 miles towards the northeast. Bergolo itself only covers a total area of 1.2 square miles, and has a small population. This is what makes it a great place to travel to & stay for those looking for somewhere that has fantastic scenery, plenty to do in the surrounding areas, as well as peace and quiet.

As normal with a lot of places in Europe, Bergolo has a history that goes back a few hundred years. It was in the 1780’s the title of Count Calvi of Bergolo was created. The town actually has connections with the last king of Italy; Umberto II (Umberto Nicola Tommaso Giovanni Maria di Savoia). These facts add to the overall aura of the place, and if you stay at the luxury bed and breakfast in the town, then you know that you are staying in an area where famous royalty has been in the past.

Of course, if you are visiting this beautiful region of Italy, then you need to travel to the local areas to enjoy the as much of the culture as possible. Below are a few traveling tips of places to visit during your stay.

Turin – Is famous for being the host for the 2006 Winter Olympics, and was once the first capital of the modern era of Italy. It has a population of around one million, and is situated on the banks of the Po River. It is only a short drive from the amazing Italian Alps, which rise thousands of feet into the air.

Alba – The history of this place goes all the way back to Roman times, and this can still be seen to this day as the town is surrounded by a Roman wall. The whole town is great for photographing. It is also famous for its truffles and wines, and let us not forget the famous chocolate spread; Nutella.

Alessandria – About 50 miles to the southeast of Turin, this is the capital of the province of Alessandria. It is a major transport hub for people visiting the coast and the Alps.

Acqui Terme – For those people who like to relax, then this place has ancient baths and hot sulphur springs which make a natural spa. The town dates back to Roman times.

Asti – This historical town is well known for its towers. It is called the “City of 100 Towers”. Originally there were 120 towers, but only 12 survive to this day. The theatre dates back to 1860, while the town itself is over two thousand years old. This is the provincial capital of the area, and is famous for the many excellent wines which are produced in the region. If you visit in September, then you can take part in the Sagre Festival and Douja D’Or wine festival.

Bardonecchia – For those who are looking for a skiing holiday in the region, then a visit to the mountain town of Bardonecchia is the answer. It is also famous for the Frejus Tunnel, which will take you directly to France.

Barolo – This is only a small town, but the red wines produced here are famous the world over.

Biella – Again, only a small town, but this is famous for the production of woolen clothes.

Bra – An amazing place that has a number of buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th century, most notably the palaces and churches. It is also known throughout the region for its food.

Stresa – Situated next to Lake Maggiore, and surrounded by amazing scenery. It is known for its tourist and health resorts who can easily relax in this tranquil setting.

There are many other places to visit in the area, and more details can be found by searching for travel resources. However, those places mentioned above should be top of the list for places to visit during your stay at Bergolo. For those people who enjoy walking and hiking, then there are plenty of trails around the lakes and mountains in the region.

Although not everyone visits this area to laze around on a beach, it is good to know that the Italian Rivera is just an hours drive away to the south. This is a famous location with locals and tourists from around the world. It has many beaches and a number of old fishing towns along its coastline. Some of the landscape is amazing, so it is worth taking a camera along on any trip to the region.

Italian is the main language of the region, though about 2 to 3 million people speak the local dialect of Piedmontese. Getting to the area is easy. You can fly in at Caselle Airport, which is covered by a number of major airlines. It is also possible to land in Milan and travel to Bergolo from there. Trains serve the area well, coming from as far away as France and Switzerland. For those who like to get the best out of a journey, then nothing beats driving through this spectacular area in a car.