Family Fishing Holiday

Whilst staying at Villa Bergolo, on a family fishing holiday, a place that is worth visiting, is definitely the area called Lakes of Dolmen. This is only half an hour drive from Villa Bergolo.
This beautiful location is situated in the municipality of Roccavignale and takes its name because of a dolmen of megalithic age found in the area, but this historical relic is only part of the beauty of this place.

Family Fishing Holiday

Fisherman fishing with his grandsons

The lakes of Dolmen are an ideal place to spend one or more days with friends and family, thanks to the endless possibilities offered by this beautiful destination in the green.
The lakes of Dolmen are in an area surrounded by lush vegetation and are easily accessible thanks to the roads in the area. This makes it a perfect destination for families whom enjoy sport fishing. The lake is extremely large and at one end you will find the serious fishermen. At the other end you will find it the perfect place for any family to enjoy fishing, it caters for any ages.
This is a magical place that offers, in fact, a number of entertainments, the first of which is sport fishing that can be done in three lakes of different sizes and difficulties. The fish species found in these three lakes are different, from the trout up to the sturgeon, although some of these species cannot be killed.

Family Fishing Holiday

Young happy family with kids fishing in Italy

If you are not keen on fishing, however, the lakes of Dolmen will offer the opportunity to spend a day outdoors in the company of your friends and family, thanks to the areas used for picnic where you can both eat, you can play in the open air, sunbathe and everything that you dream to do during an outdoor picnic.

Perhaps only as a family fishing holiday to fish or rest under a sun umbrella, in a place like this, is a shame: Why, then, don’t you soak up the beauty of the place with a nice walk? The location Gere offers, in fact, many kilometers of trails in which you can make connection with nature and observe its beauty. Immerse yourself in the natural spectacle of these places is a unique experience that every nature lover should do at least once. These trails will also lead you to discover the historical signs in this area.

As the name suggests, in fact, the first place that you cannot fail to see visiting this area, is the Dolmen located in a location called Chiare. The building, equipped with an inner room, was used by local farmers over the centuries, but no one knows exactly what they were used for when it was built. A mystery entrusted to researchers who study and that, surely, will fascinate the imagination of many visitors.

After this visit, you may continue by visiting the magnificent Sanctuary of Madonna del Deserto, the largest religious building in the Val Bormida a place of pilgrimage for many believers, near which the Madonna performed a miracle, restoring sight to a blind child. What is striking about this place is its location, a kind of balcony in the countryside surrounding where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view and which stands out from the Sanctuary in all its beauty.

Another location can be visited starting from Lakes of Dolmen is the castle of Roccavignale, near the Torrente Zemola, a magnificent building of defense of the territory and fascinating history. As for this castle it is not in optimal conditions, but it is still charming, especially at night, when the lights make it stand out in the night. A visit to this castle cannot be ruled out, however, a visit to the nearby church of Saint Eugenio, place of worship built on the foundations of the Romanesque period is also a must.

So if you’re on your family fishing holiday you will find so much more to do visiting the Lakes of Dolmen and the territory surrounding them, but your eyes will surely see and appreciate still many details and particulars of this place that only a personal visit will do.