Top 10 Things to do in Northern Italy

One of the most visited countries in the world, Italy is probably the most beautiful, culturally-rich and interesting places on Earth. There are many places where people choose to spend their annual vacation – Rome, Milan, Sardinia or Tuscany, these are the regions of Italy that are most known around the world; mostly because they have been blessed with incredible natural and man-made wonders. But the un-explored parts of Italy also have their charm – one of these places is Northern Italy. Let’s see a top 10 of things to do in this fantastic region:

So here are Things to do in Northern Italy

These are the Mountain of Cortina d'Ampezzo where you can Ski

The Mountain Cortina d’Ampezzo

  1. Go on a ski trip at Cortina d’Ampezzo – this charming ski resort in the Northeastern corner of Italy, near the border with Austria, is one of the most famous in the world. Every year, tourists flood it to see the Ski World Cup races taking place here, but also to enjoy the clear alpine air and the steep slopes made famous in James Bond’s “For Your Eyes Only” (1981).



The Mole Antonelliana is one of the most important landmarks in Turin

The Mole sitting proudly in the centre of Turin

  1. Stroll around the small streets of Turin at dusk – the old political center of the kingdom of Sardinia is less spectacular than other cities in the peninsula, but it still has that Italian je ne sais quo around it. Piazza Madama, the Mole Antonelliana, and Palazzo Reale are the most important landmarks here. For the car enthusiasts out there, you should know that Turin is also the heart of Italian automotive industry and the global headquarters of Fiat and Ferrari.


Verona is full of history. Shakespeare based romeo and Juliet. A city to visit as lots of things to do whilst traveling to Northern Italy

A Night view of Verona

  1. Pretend you’re Romeo and Juliet in Verona – this small Italian town is a staple for the country: good food, full of history and surrounded by legend. The city hosts the house where Shakespeare placed his most famous characters: Romeo and Juliet, as well as an antique amphitheater that is lovely to see during the evenings.



A landscape picture of Vineyards in Piedmont Northern Italy

Vineyard in Picturess Piedmont

  1. Other greats Things to do in Northern Italy, Try the wines and cheeses of Piedmont – Eating and drinking is a big part of the Italian tourist experience; tasting and savouring the local Barolo, Barbaresco and Moscato, as well as local cheese and fruit, is a must in this part of Italy.




Things to do with Hazelnuts, make a Hazelnut Cake. Originally from Piedmont, Northern, Italy. Hazelnuts are grown in Bergolo, Alba, Torre Bormida & cortimilia

Hazelnut Cake with Chocolate with hazelnut crashed and sprinkled on top

  1. Check out the countryside – most the region’s hidden gems are in the countryside. Small towns and villages riddle the land, offering endless possibilities to discover the authentic Italian lifestyle. Villages like Bergolo, roughly 200 km from Turin, still preserve the atmosphere – and cuisine (the Langhe hazelnut cake is exquisite) – that made Italy famous around the world.




Things to do in Northern Italy, take a hike from Bergolo through the valley of the Bormida River

Views Whilst hiking through Piedmont

  1. Go hiking in the Alps – Valle d’Aosta is the adequate destination for an adventurous vacation in the wilderness. Mont Blanc and other high alpine peaks, as well as small luxurious chalets that allow you to view the snowy mountains from the Jacuzzi, await.



  1. Go on a shopping spree in Milan – No need for details here. Milan is well known as the headquarters of Italian fashion industry and one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city even has its own up-scale shopping neighborhood, the quadrilatero della moda.
things to do in Northern Italy

Gondola ride in Venice, Italy

  1. Take your girlfriend on a gondola trip in Venice – probably the most iconic romantic getaway one can think of is to Venice. Despite the fact the city is getting more and more expensive every year, the experience is unique and highly entertaining, especially for young couples looking for memories.




something to do whilst in Northern Italy a trip to Cinque terre

Cinque terre

  1. Rent a boat at the Cinqueterre – This less known region on Italy’s Northwest Coast is truly spectacular – one of the most amazing places in the country. The sequence of fishing villages literally hanging from the cliffs over the Mediterranean is visited every year by curious travelers and honeymooners, alike.




Veiws of Lake Como

Veiws of Lake Como

  1. Visit the magnificent lake region – Finally, our top tip for Northern Italy is the Lakes Region. The amazing scenery and crystal clear waters of Como, Garda or Lago Maggiore make for a truly impressive picture. No wonder the rich and powerful of the world all built vacation residences here.



We hope you found our article helpful, who knows we might get to meet you one day here in Northern Italy where by we can give you more tips on more things to do in Northern Italy.